About Us

Imagine a weekly office visit from a caring professional chaplain who builds relationships with each of your employees through regular brief, informal contacts. Then imagine that same chaplain being available 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week to provide care and counsel in crisis situations, when your employees need it most. Now stop imagining these things because they can be a reality when you partner with our organization - Chaplains Caring for Companies (CCFC).

Your employees are truly your greatest asset and when they can't focus on their jobs due to personal or family problems your whole company suffers. To address this issue, companies of all sizes are quickly embracing the new concept of corporate chaplaincy.

While CCFC is a faith based company, it is not a faith-promoting company. Regardless of a person's spiritual beliefs, race, or culture, people have the same needs for respect, love, and understanding. All people regardless of their spiritual beliefs have the same problems in life. We can be there to help meet those needs and assist your employees in solving the problems of life which affect job performance. CCFC allows you, as a business leader, to focus on your corporate objectives and management
responsibilities, while providing your employees the compassionate counsel.